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About Us

Nurture Dogs CIC is a Community Interest Company founded by Dave and Gill De’ath and run mostly by volunteers, some currently trained Occupational Therapists or have experience working with a range of special needs and client groups.

Our Aim

Nurture Dogs aim is to bring the pleasure and therapeutic value of the human bond to as many people as possible.  We combine animal contact and activities with the therapeutic philosophy of Occupational Therapy.

Nurture Dogs majors on empowering people, providing choices and opportunities where perhaps these do not exist.

This aligns with the local government agenda which is to support people with learning difficulties and mental health problems in the community and avoid acute admissions to hospital.

It is becoming recognised in mental health circles that problems often begin as early junior school, this is one of the main areas that Nurture Dogs Functions in and currently enjoying considerable success.

Animals As Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) promotes mental, physical and social well-being. The human-animal bond allows strong connections to grow and develop, with animals offering unconditional acceptance and affection.

It is well documented that humans have kept domesticated animals for thousands of years, providing humans with companionship. Animals are used for therapeutic purposes as they tend to be free of prejudice when interacting with people (Calcaterra et al., 2015). Animals used in therapy are known to have a natural tendency to bond with people and seek affection and interaction with the client (Nimer & Lundahl, 2007).

Many people can benefit from the therapeutic value of the human-animal bond. Research shows that time spent interacting with animals can help in lowering blood pressure , relieving pain, reducing anxiety and engage them in therapeutic activities through meaningful occupations such as; animal husbandry, feeding, grooming and stroking.

Our Services

Here at Nurture Dogs we offer individual and group therapy!

Our sessions are designed to support your interests and needs in your home, care home, dementia home, mental health secure units, acute units, assessment and treatment centres, hospitals, schools or local community.  These sessions involve the use of dogs which acts as a social lubricant and facilitates engagement even for the most profoundly disabled clients.

A range of activities can help with the following:

  • Improve self-esteem & social skills
  • Enhance sensory stimulation
  • Increase motor coordination

Price List

  • Group Sessions start at £65.00 per hour (plus mileage if over 10 miles away, 0.45p per mile)
  • One to One / Individual Sessions start at £20.00 per hour (plus mileage if over 10 miles away, 0.45p per mile)

Occupational Therapy Assessments can be arranged on request, please email for more details and cost.

The Dogs

All our Dogs are well trained, well behaved and just love to work with people and children.

We have 8 Nurture Dogs that are used on the farm and in the community.

Mila, Tom, Badger, Bumble, Skye, Cookie, Misty and our new puppy Willow.  To read more on the dogs please click on the Nurture Dogs tab above and select a dogs name.

Nurture Dogs