Here at Nurture Dogs inc. Dedham Therapy Farm CIC we offer Animal Assisted Therapy. We help people reach their full potential, reduce anxiety and give everyone a sense of purpose! No matter your age, background or reason for wanting therapy we are sure we can find something to help you reach your goals. We offer Animal Assisted Therapy sessions with our experienced Therapy support staff and volunteers, along side very experienced Occupational Therapists.

Using our dogs we work in schools, residential homes, specialist hospitals, secure units and in the community to help people of any age to overcome barriers to daily living whatever that may be.

We have plenty of therapy animals including horses, cows, sheep, goats, birds, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs, see our video below!

Our Aim

To bring the pleasure and therapeutic value of the human animal bond to as many people as possible.

Combining animal contact and activities with the therapeutic philosophy of Occupational Therapy.

Providing a variety of daily activities on the Farm, we give service users structured, meaningful tasks and the opportunity to learn about animal care, horticulture and other skills. Learn more.

To contact us regarding our facilities and services, download our referral form here, alternatively, you can Contact Us.

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